body language is communication nonverbal messages (without words). Body language is a process of exchanging thoughts and ideas in which the message can be a gesture, facial expression, gaze, touch, silence, time, voice, and posture and body movements.

Also can be interpreted with communication (generally) do not realize. Indicates a person’s internal reality, the ‘out’ before verbal language. Very influential and should be optimized according to the purpose of communication. If opposed to verbal language, will reduce the power of communication. If aligned with verbal language, will increase the power of communication.

as is suggested by figures well known psychology of Sigmund Freud He said “No human being can keep a secret. When his lips shut, he’d chatted with his fingertips; Secret occurred from all the pores of his skin. “One of the body which can demonstrate that his body language. The hand is one of the body which relate directly to other people. Whether it is in the form of gesture, shaking hands, or give orders to others. These things will be accompanied by hand movements that are not recognized by the person. Some signals are indicated by the hand include:

signal acceptance of others.

1.  When someone wants to show openness or honesty to others, people are often open one or two hands to the opposite or the other. It is done unconsciously by the person. People who are open to give a reason to show his hands when answering questions arise from his interlocutor.

2.  When children lie or hide things from someone else, then the child will tend to hide his hands behind his body. If an adult male he would hide his palms in his pockets, or folded his hands when he answered or explain something. Meanwhile, if the woman when she lied to deflect the conversation to things that are not related to the theme of conversation. Although they gave the same answer, then they would hide his hands.

Handshake signals

1. dominate

palm of the hand may be rotated so that your palms facing down. When shaking hands handshake position will still be in a position above and communicate more that you want to control the meeting.

2. Yield

when he will shake hands, directed the hand position such that the position of our hands under the hands of people who will be shaken. When shaking hands hand positions remain under that person’s hand and we give the signal that we give him the power to

3. equation

when he will shake hands with the hand position parallel to the other person’s hand position. There will be attractive domination. Indicating the position and the degree of similarity with handshake opponent.


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