the real Syrian Free Press

In the context of a struggle between takfir groups, one of the wahhabi takfir media, Al Arabia, has released the names of some competitors to be eliminated.

identidades líderes ISIL

This Friday have been made public the identities of the main field commanders of the Islamist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), one of the most influential factions of extremists operating in Syria.

During an interview with Iraqi Deputy Interior Minister Adnan al Asadi, channel Al Arabiya showed photos of six Iraqi who lead or led the ISIL.

List of the names.

  • AbuBakr alBaghdadi
    His real name isIbrahim alBadri, but is alsoknown asAbuDouaa. He wasprofessor of Islamicstudies andimamat mosquesin Baghdadand Fallujahbefore being arrestedby the Iraqi army onJune 4, 2004. Beingreleased threeyears later, heestablished themilitant groupSunni

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